Below I list some references from Rovelli's The Order of Time that I think are worthy of your and my time - what I think the best of his referred readings. Perhaps you'll agree they're worthwhile. They are not in any particular order.

This expands on and is the basis on which much discussion late in the book resides: "Is Time's Arrow Perspectival?"

Curious name. Expanding on a theme of the book, points out QM is not about "states" (things) but about values (eigenvalues) the results of interactions in a world of changing (as Rovelli points out, misleadingly called measurements): "Space is Blue and Birds fly Through It"

A deep dive into the impossibility of a universal time: "In Search of Relativistic Time"

An expansion on some of the more technical topics of the book - especially chapters 9 & 10: "Space and Time in Loop Quantum Gravity"

By far the most technical paper here. Unless you are well versed in General Relativity, make this your last read or just leave it out. But the first nine numbered paragraphs are kinda readable by mortals and worth some effort.
"An Example of a New Type of Cosmological Solutions of Einstein's Field Equation of Gravitation" by Kurt Gödel

Develops the atemporal line of argument, that appears throughout the book, worthy of specialists in the fundamentals of GR and QM. Alternates between readable by us and not so much. Worth the effort, I think: "Forget Time"

This may take more than one reading to appreciate. But a fascinating exposition on the boundary between physics (QM), computer science (information theory), philosophy (logic), semantics, ..:
"Meaning = Information + Evolution"

"Relativity and the Problem of Space", is referenced in Rovelli's book. The only good reference I could find does not print well. I cut and pasted it into It is lucid Einstein hampered by what is to us slightly archaic English/German.

Peter Bandurian

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