Links about P.A.M. Dirac from Chela to accompany our Pais Subtle is the Lord discussion.

1. This is an audio only but very clear and interesting talk given by Dirac. It is titled: PAUL DIRAC (1965) The Foundations of Quantum Mechanics - Lindau Nobel Lectures The audio quality is excellent and gives a good flavor of Dirac. It also includes some nice still photos of Dirac with various others.

2.PAUL DIRAC (1979) Does the Gravitational Constant Vary? - Lindau Nobel Lectures: has stills no active video:

3. INCLUES video! An interview of Dirac (in Gottingen in 1982) by an elderly interviewer (he is 89, Dirac 82 (died two years later)), but though a bit slow at the beginning has some interesting material. The link below has Paul M. Dirac Speaking with Friedrich Hund on symmetry in Relativity, Quantum Mechanics and the physics of elementary particles. The topic is “Einstein and Lorentz”. Dirac comments that Einstein was the first to realize the importance of symmetry for the physics of his time. Dirac does bring in his interest in the possibility of some of the “constants of nature” (like G) changing with time and mentions small differences between General Relativity predictions and some Viking Lander data from reflections off Mars (1976).

4. PAUL DIRAC (1956) Electrons and the Vacuum - Lindau Nobel Lectures (good audio; still photos, also interesting, as those above):

5. This is a good program ABOUT Dirac, not Dirac himself speaking, but is quite interesting...

6. A nice essay by Frank Wilczek on “The Dirac Equation”, from It Must Be Beautiful: Great Equations of Modern Science (Editor Graham Farmelo).

7. The Evolution of the Physicists Picture of Nature — A Scientific American reprint of an article that appeared in that magazine in 1963 by P.A.M. Dirac:

8. Ira recommends a biography of Dirac by Graham Farmelo, The Strangest Man: The Hidden Life of Paul Dirac.

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